Japanese Maples

Our nursery is now well stocked with a broad selection of good varieties in various sizes.

Japanese maples count as the most valuable and garden-worthy trees. Gardeners have being cultivating them for over 300 years.Today we enjoy a vast variety of cultivars to choose from, selected for their exquisite growth habit, attractive foliage, brilliant Autumn colors and ornamental bark.

Once planted correctly in well drained but water retentive soil, ideally raised on a mound, in sun to dappled shade, they will thrive and need little to no attention. Pruning isn't really necessary once you have chosen the ideal variety to suit your garden. Caution: Only prune in mid Summer (July - August).

Japanese Maples are attractive in every season.The fresh new foliage in Spring remind of endless little hands opening up and followed by the beautiful yellow-red,

lime-green pendant flowers that later turn into wings.Through summer we enjoy the healthy canopy of leaves and the handsome growth habit. In Autumn there are very few other plants that can beat the intensity of colors, from yellows, through oranges and scarlets. During the Winter months we enjoy the thousands of sparkling droplets that are gathered and suspended by those little nodes along each arching branch.

In every good garden there is a Japanese Maple.