Mount Venus Plant Catalogue

How to order and purchase Plants

Browse trough our catalogue and choose the plants you wish to order by clicking on the shopping trolly icon.

Online orders are limited to Perennials, Herbs, Grasses and Ferns.

For Bamboo, Climbers and Shrubs & Trees contact us directly.

At the check out please state in provided message box if you require mail order service (October-April)

or if you wish to collect the plants yourself from the nursery (February-November).

You will receive an email confirming plant availability and final invoice.

Payment can be made over the phone by credit card and orders will not be dispatched before payment is received.

Please note a minimum purchase of € 35.00 is required for mail order.


Delivery costs within Ireland (incl. Northern Ireland) :

1 parcel max. 30kg (approx. 20 plants) € 20.00

To ship a palette costs € 70.00 + packaging

sunny ground cover

  sun full exposure

   dry shade

    sea side plants

    prairie garden

shady ground cover

damp & sunny spaces

sunny  containers

shady pots & containers

moist open sace

     gravel garden

      part shade 

Plant categories referring to their Habitat

      dark shade