Planting Design

How we can help you successfully design your garden.

In the Nursery we produce a wide variety of wonderful plants. Having such a large palette to choose from can be confusing, what combination to use? what quantities to use? and what plants are suited to certain situations?

Using our many years of experience in creating planting schemes we offer the following options :

Using information gathered by the customer or through a site visit we can create a customized planting plan suited to both the needs of the client and the area to be planted.

The price will be calculated at a set rate per m2 of planting.

For more information ring or visit the nursery.

On the following pages are examples of illustrated plant designs which can be obtained as complete packages:

Plants, Copy of Plan and Illustration.

Designed for a variety of spaces and situations in the general urban garden these schemes can be ordered and collected from the nursery.