Epipactis palustris

Digitalis ferruginea Gelber Herold

Epipactis palustris is a native European orchid. It forms dense colonies with broad funnel-shaped leaves and clusters of purplish-brown flowers. Easily grown in average, consistently moist to wet, well-drained soils in full sun to light shade. Digitalis ‘Gelber Herold’ blooms in midsummer with tall, stiff and densely crowded with charming rusty-yellow-lipped flowers arranged all around the stem in perfect regularity.

Nepeta kubanica

Nepeta govinniana

Nepeta kubanica is an upright and clump forming cat mint and has proven to be a very garden worthy plant, with heads of blue purple flowers over clumps of deeply veined foliage in mid Summer. Another very different cat mint is Nepeta govinniana with a tall loose upright habit bearing pale yellow flowers all through Summer. The leaves are extremely fragrant. One of those very simple but distinctive plants and Butterflies love them too.

Rehmannia elata

Lilium nepalense

Native to China. Rehmannia elata can grow up to 1.50 m. Clump forming Perennial with tall spires of pink, tubular flowers over a long period in summer.Widespread across the Himalayas Lilium nepalense is a beautiful, rare lily with large, lime-green to yellow, bell-shaped, downward-facing, fragrant blooms with a dramatic deep burgundy throat. The stoloniferous bulb can travel underground but is not invasive.

Cornus kousa

Cornus kousa Variety

Cornus capitata

One of the most popular trees are the dogwoods. Starting the show and coming into flower now is Cornus ‘Eddie’s White Wonder’. The Cornus kousa varieties and Cornus capitata, an evergreen species, take up the performance in June. All feature small true flowers surrounded by very showy, usually white, bracts. They’re a talking point in any garden and an excellent small to medium sized tree. In Autumn you are rewarded with fantastic fall colours and strawberry sized red fruit.

Molinia caerulea Edith Dudszus

Molinia caerulea Igel

Purple moor grass, Molinia caerulea, an ornamental grass forming dense clumps of erect habbit from which tall spikes of purple flowers emerge in summer. In autumn the foliage turns bright yellow/orange. There are many excellent cultivars to choose from. We have also a large selection of the taller moor grass Molinia arundinacea with varieties including the elegant ‘Windspiel’, the taller ‘Skyracer’, and ‘Karl Foerster’. Their transparent qualities make them ideal subjects for growing at the front or the middle of a border, filtering views to the plants behind and achieving a feeling of dept and space. For best results, grow Molinias in moist but well-drained soil in sun or partial shade.

Campanula lactiflora Border Blues

Campanula Sarasto

Campanulas, commonly known as bellflowers, are classic border perennials with an array of shapes and colours, from blues to purple to white. Tall ones, low creeping ones and delicately arching varieties. Generally very easy to grow. For colour there are many Varities. Coming into flower now is Campanula Sarasto a clump-forming perennial with elegant spires of large, bell-shaped, drooping flowers in a rich violet-purple. Campanula Border Blues is a new Variety of C. lactiflora with large, dome shaped clusters of blue flowers on branching stems. A classic border plant.

Japanese maples are widely regarded for their spectacular autumn colour, but for me, this is the time of year when I love them the most. Just as the buds burst but before the leaves open full every branch seems to shimmer in the morning and evening sun. We currently have a large selection of Japanese maples and are happy to help you select the perfect variety for your garden.

These are just a few of the shrubs and perennials starting to shine. And now is of course a great time to plant summer flowering perennials and grasses to enjoy later. Please see our catalogue for more and we can put your order together.


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