Let us help you successfully design your garden beds.

We have been designing and planting gardens for over 30 years, so our broad knowledge of plants and their habitats enables us to create dynamic planting schemes that develop into well-balanced and sustainable gardens that mature and age well.


You can choose from the following:


You can arrange an appointment in the nursery to discuss various planting options. We can then create a customized planting plan suited to the particular area to be planted.

You will find Inspirations in our Planting Design Gallery and Gardens.

The costs are usually calculated at a set rate per square metre of planting.

To book an appointment send us an email or call 01 493 3813.


Here we offer a series of illustrated plant compositions and carefully selected plants which can be ordered online or at the nursery as complete packages:

Plants, Copy of Plan and Illustration.

Designed for a variety of spaces and situations in the general urban garden these schemes can be ordered and collected from the nursery.