Over the past 20 years we have been growing and selecting a wide range of garden worthy plants to suit every aspect of your garden.

Combine a visit to our nursery in the old Victorian Garden of Tibradden with a scenic drive into the Dublin Mountains.


Mount Venus Nursery is a specialist nursery tucked away in the scenic Dublin hills overlooking the city. Over the past 20 years we have been growing one of the widest collections of hardy garden plants in Ireland. Most of our plants are home grown and exposed to the elements. Having such a palette of plants available at your doorstep is essential when designing successful and bio-diverse gardens. Our sales area, the old Walled Garden, is well structured from sun to deep shade which makes it enjoyable for you to stroll through finding the right plants for the right spots in your garden. Enjoy your visit to the Nursery.

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We are looking for a full time staff member whose ultimate responsibility will be overseeing the work in our growing and propagation area. Ideally, you will be an experienced gardener with a good knowledge of perennials and their propagation, but enthusiasm and the desire to learn is key. We look forward to hearing from you.



Anyone hoping for another blazing hot summer might have been disappointed. But for those of us looking to wring another few weeks of perennial excitement out of our gardens, it is no bad thing. The Asters (now subdivided under a few different names) are late this year – many are just getting underway now. Tall or prostrate; big leaves or small; upright statements or spreading drifts, Asters are the dominant for of late season flowerers in purples, blues, whites, and everything in between.

Another hanger-on is the Pennisetums. Late season grasses need heat to perform, and flower deep into summer at the best of times. But the Pennisetums, with their bold foxtail flowers, which bloomed from August last year, are just getting going now with the added hit of good foliage colour to come. As a bonus, they mix brilliantly with Asters for the full last hurrah of the perennial border.



A unique gift for your garden enthusiastic friends or family, or anyone who might enjoy a visit to the nursery to pick out a selection of plants, potting or DIY Planting Schemes from our huge variety of trees, shrubs and perennials.

To order one or more vouchers, please include the money amount per gift voucher and use our Contact Us form to add details. We will post the vouchers to you or your recipients.

Or call or email: 01 4933813 –  [email protected]


Japanese maples count as the most valuable and garden-worthy trees and gardeners have being cultivating them for over 300 years. Japanese Maples are attractive in every season. The fresh new foliage in spring remind of endless little hands opening up and followed by the beautiful yellow-red, lime-green pendant flowers that later turn into wings. Through summer we enjoy the healthy canopy of leaves and the handsome growth habit. In autumn there are very few other plants that can beat the intensity of colors, from yellows, through oranges and scarlets.

Today we enjoy a vast variety of cultivars to choose from, selected for their exquisite growth habit, attractive foliage, brilliant autumnal colors and ornamental bark. The trees should be planted in well drained but water retentive soil, ideally raised on a mound, in sun or dappled shade. They will thrive and need little attention or pruning once you have the right variety to suit your garden, and only lightly prune in mid summer (July – August).

Our nursery is now well stocked with a broad selection of good varieties in various sizes.


A selection of gardens we have created and nurtured over the years


Examples of live planting schemes and a wonderful range of DIY planting schemes


Our nursery catalogue with over 1300 plants to get to know and choose from


Some winning show gardens at Bloom Ireland and at Hampton Court RHS


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