Japanese Maples

The most popular small garden trees for good reason, Japanese maples (Acer palmatum and similar species) are beautiful in all four seasons and can be accommodated in almost any garden. They are generally easy to grow if planted in part shade, in a good soil, sheltered from strong winds. There are hundreds of selected varieties and we stock a range which we know to be good growers in this climate. From small plants to semi-mature trees we can usually find a maple for any space or budget. As Japanese maples are long-lived characterful trees, it is best to see them in person to find the perfect one for you.

Our nursery is now well stocked with a broad selection of good varieties in various sizes.

Acer palmatum Katsura

Orange margined small foliage in spring, becoming green in summer and turning bright orange in autumn. 3m high.

Acer palmatum Enkan

A dwarf, red variety with strap-like leaves in summer and orange in autumn. 3m high.

Acer shirasawanum Jordan

A small upright tree with pale orange-green leaves in spring which are turning lime-green in summer. 3m high.

Acer palmatum Trompenburg

Grows up to 4m. A larger species of a Japanese Maple. Good scarlet autumn colour and robust. 4m high.

Acer palmatum Osakazuki

Bright green leaves turning into a bright red in autumn. Grows to 4 high.

Acer palmatum Osakazuki in autumn.

Acer palmatum Dissectum

A small mound forming tree with lime green colour in spring and summer and turns orange and gold in the autumn. 2.5m high.

Acer palmatum Chitose-yama

A medium-sized japanese maple, with a compact, mounding habit. Leaves emerge a light red, maturing to bronze-green, before turning scarlet in autumn. 3.5m high.

Acer palmatum Orange Dream

Orange-green in spring and summer and turning orange-red in autumn. Can be used as a specimen in smaller space. 2.5m-3m high.

Acer palmatum Koto-no-ito

A small, upright tree with very fine linearlobum leaves. Spring foliage is pale green changing to medium green in summer then golden yellow in the fall. 3m high.

Acer palmatum Seiryu

Strong growing upright laceleaf maple tree with yellow-orange autumn colour. 4m high.

Acer palmatum Orangeola

A mound forming, weeping japanese maple with orange, lacy leaves in spring, turning bronze/red in summer and then a brighter orange in autumn. 2m high.

Acer palmatum Shin-deshojo

A small Japanese Maple with brilliant red-pink young foliage in spring, turning green with pink/red margins in summer and orange, red and bronze in autumn. 2.5m high.

Acer palmatum Ariadne

Graceful wide spreading form with cascading branches. Pastel orange-pink coloured veined leaves in spring changing to a deeper purplish color in summer and a fiery orange-red autumn colour. 3m high.

Acer palmatum Little Princess

A dwarf compact japanese maple with lovely small red-green summer leaves, which turn yellow and orange in autumn. 2 m high.

Acer palmatum Summer Gold

Upright tree with lime-green spring leaves turning golden-yellow in the summer and a deep bright orange to fiery red autumn colour. 3 m high

Acer palmatum Beni Maiko

A dwarf compact form with scarlet red foliage in spring which turns dark red and green in summer and then bursts into a vibrant orange and fiery red autumn colour. 2.5m high.

Acer palmatum Shishigashira

A bushy Japanese maple with an upright habit. Bright green, closely packed small leaves in spring and summer turning into a wonderful shade of orange in autumn. 3-4m high.

Acer palmatum Emerald Lace

Compact japanese maple. Arching elegant branches with lime green foliage in spring, and in summer the leaves become edged with red for a striking contrast. Red-orange autumn colour. 3m high.

Acer palmatum Nicholsonii

In Spring the leaves open to a purplish red colour, rich green for the summer month and a brilliant orange in autumn. 4-5m high.

Acer palmatum Shaina

A mid sized Japanese Maple with an upright, slightly columnar form. Vibrant bright red foliage in spring, dark ruby red in summer and a striking crimson tone in autumn. 3m high.

Acer palmatum Bloodgood in spring

A Japanese Maple with dark red-purple leaves, turning bright red in autumn. 5m high.


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