Pots & Planters

We stock a range of clay and terracotta pots to suit to smallest balcony or largest terrace from selected suppliers in Ireland and abroad, including hand-made designs commissioned exclusively for ourselves. We favour simple, largely unglazed designs which will work nicely together and develop an attractive patina over time. All our pots are frost hardy and intended for long-term outdoor use.

Pure – contemporary linear planter designs in warm terracotta tones made in Mycenae/Greece at the highest quality. Extremely robust and frost resistant.

Handmade frost hardy clay pots from a small Pottery near the Baltic Sea. Coulered with Engobe which is a liquid clay that is primarily used for brushing and spraying on eathernware to give high quality finish or simply used for decorating. This type of finishing allows the clay to develop a patina over time (in contrast to glazed pots) and gives them an aged look.

Basalt Clay products. These products are based on antique clay added to a natural mineral ore which causes grey to brown up to give an anthracite marble effect color to the pots. Depending on the processing and combination of clay’s the color of basalt products may vary from darker to light as well as from brownish to dark grey which gives each item an individual appearance. You can choose from a wide range of shapes and sizes. Frost Proof to -25°.

Amphora Clay Pottery – Created and crafted with unique Tunisian clay, this range is traditional and looks very classy as part of your interior or exterior space. We have many different styles to fit your needs.

Rustic Redstone. Each pot is uniquely made and naturally mossed so that no two pots will be the same. Different shapes and sizes.

Great Selection of small clay pots for seed sowing, small plants or succulents.

Minoan Cement Bowls. Heavy, durable, classic and a perfect addition to an outdoor space.

There are perennial plants which will work brilliantly in pots – at least for a season or more, and which, with our plants, you can then put them in the ground for many more seasons to come. Choose a suitable container and the right soil and give them a bit extra love and care.


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